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    Dynamic CC and BCC groups using NPrinting 16


      I have created, in my .nsq file, a Report task. I have three different groups of e-mail addresses. The first Group should be the 'TO' of the email, the second Group should be the 'CC' of the email and, of course, the third should be the 'BCC'.The members of these 3 groups can dynamically change.

      So I have created 3 Recipient Imports and 3 Recipients (one for each group). The Recipients Imports allow the recipients to dynamically change without problem.

      Although the setting in the Report Task for the CC and BCC remain static.

      For example if test1@test1.com enters in the CC Recipient,  the Report task doesn't see it. The Report task doesn't allow any dynamically changes in the CC and BCC Recipients.

      Could someone explain me how can I insert dynamic CC and BCC Group in my Report Task?

      Thanks in advance,