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    Session date format distinct on new version 12

    Hector Vega

      In the recent version the date and time stamp in the records of sessions*.log changed.


      For example, now the [Session Start] field is shown as  "20160428T105540.000-0600"


      Please note the T embeded on the field value.


      I need to read all the files for the sessions with :




         [Session Start],

         [Session Duration],

         [Bytes Received],

         [Authenticated user],

         1 as CountLogin,

          Year([Session Start]) as YearLogin,

          Month([Session Start]) as MonthLogin,

          Day([Session Start]) as DayLogin,

          Date([Session Start],'yyyy-mm-dd') as DateLogin,

          Time([Session Start]) as HourLogin


      $(Path)\SESSIONS*.LOG (utf8, txt, delimiter is '\t', embedded labels)


      Giving error on the calculations for date's.


      Any possible fix in order to get the correct results?


      Thank you