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    "Qva is not defined" error in Workbench 10

    Brian Munz

      Hi all,

      I'm hoping this is a very simple issue since I'm not trying to do anything overly complicated. I'm trying to set up a workbench page, and I did all the needful steps of getting it installed, etc. So, when I try to create a new object, I find the document no problem, choose the type of object and the object ID no problem. However, when I try to actually view the page in Debug made, the spots where the objects should be are blank and I get an error of "Qva is not defined."

      The server has the workbench license on it, so that's not the problem.

      Any suggestions?


        • "Qva is not defined" error in Workbench 10

          Hi Brian

          How have you set up the workbench? Are you using IIS and connecting Visual Studio to it?

          The most common problem when you get the QVA undefined is that the javascript files are not loaded correctly.

          If you have the server on the same machine as you have the workbench installed then I suggest the following setup.
          Use the IIS as the webserver and set it as the development server for Visual Studio.

          If you dwell deeper into the problem it is due to "same-origin" principle, the client does not see the javascript to come from the same server as the aspx pages and will therefore throw an error which results in "Qva is not defined".



            • "Qva is not defined" error in Workbench 10
              Brian Munz

              Hi John,

              Thanks for the response. I'm running workbench on an IIS server, and when I installed workbench itself, it asked for the path to the virtual directory with the QvAjaxZfc in it and it all checked out. Shouldn't that mean it knows where to find the js files?


                • "Qva is not defined" error in Workbench 10

                  Hi Brian

                  Technically yes but if the QvAjaxZfc folder is located on another computer the IIS server will see this as not being the same origin as the rest of the serverside files.

                  This was not a problem in QV 9 as all the ajax was contained inside the workbench but as of QV 10 it is separated.
                  There will be a workaround for this in the SR1 release.

                  Until then you either have to have the QV server on the same server as IIS and run IIS for both (not the built in one) or you will have to separate the backend from the front end, eg move the QvAjaxZfc folder to the IIS as a virtual directory and hence "trick" QV that the javascript files are local.

                  Hope this helps.





              • "Qva is not defined" error in Workbench 10

                When creating a site for QlikView, be sure to download the exact apps
                that are in the Default Web Site and check the permissions of that folder (C: \ Program
                Files \ QlikView \) and also verify that the user is configured to run the
                service together if the user is in Administrators group QlikView.

                • Re: "Qva is not defined" error in Workbench 10
                  jose taveras

                  I've had such problems with this same "QVA is undefined" output. This is the closest thread to hone in on the topic and I cannot seem to find a debugging flowchart anywhere to diagnose my IIS settings/QV workbench installation (I have less than 3 months working with QV, and all i know for backend is php).

                  I do know I have QV 11 and IIS, developping on ASP.NET. I guess I'm just complaining that the documentation is scarce.