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    OAuth 2.0 REST Refresh Token

      Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has been able to get a permanent REST Connection set up using OAuth 2.0 authentication.


      The Qlik REST Connector documentation (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/REST_connector_help/Content/1.0/Create-REST-connection/Connection-exam…) gives us the ability to set up a transient connection, as OAuth 2.0 session tokens cannot live longer than 4 hours (Session and campaign timeout handling - Analytics Help), but this requires the connector to be recreated (or at the least manually modified) every T <= 4 hours. OAuth 2.0 provides for this functionality through the use of OAuth 2.0 Refresh Tokens (section 1.5 of RFC 6749 - The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework).

      I'm new to Qlik, currently using Qlik Desktop, and am hoping that someone has been able to get a more permanent connector set up through the use of these refresh tokens. Thanks for reading.