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    Aggr and Set analysis

    Enza Zaden

      Will somebody help me with the following situation?


      For each contract I want to have the sum of the contract value -->  sum(aggr(_Amount_Fields),Field_Number)

      This sum of contract value I want to present it cumulative in time (from current month till future months) with:


      Sum({< Flag Rolling Months={1}>}0.0000000001)




      Sum(aggr( {< Flag Rolling Months={1} >} _Amount_Fields),Field_Number)    --> What is the right way?


      Example values:

      June:        15.000

      August:       5.000

      December: 2.000



      The end result will be:



      15.00015.00020.000 (+5.000)20.00020.00020.00022.000 (+2.000)