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    Import Data from SharePoint into QlikSense

      Hello Qlikers!

      I have a requirement to pull data into QLIK SENSE from a SharePoint list. So far I have attempted the following method:


      RPC Calls

      Selected WebFile -

      Entered the following URL with correct content -  http://my-server/my-site/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=65001;XMLDATA=1;RowLimit=0;List=2D204C18-8C80-468D-AF43-6E81D5EEEE76;View=0F73EC51-F22D-4326-B619-9F383083EF2C


      Could you validate this is correct or if this method is only valid for QlikView? Additionally, are there any other methods other than SQL to accomplish this?


      Thank you!