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    Branding / White Label / Skinning Qlik Sense Hub

    Greg Woodard

      We are looking for assistance in branding / white labeling / skinning the Qlik Sense Hub.


      Our goal is to replace Qlik Sense Logos and Names.


      We've noticed the following places that need addressing:


      1)     Login Screen

      2)     Hub

      3)     Tab Name (HTML Title) in the Browser

      4)     Help and About (We aren't concerned with this and will be leaving it)


      Login Screen:

      This appears to be embedded with base64 (learned that in another post).  Haven't successfully accomplished a change.



      For the hub, we've been successful in changing the files in the Client\Img folder with the new images.


      Tab Name (HTML Title)

      For the Tab Name, we've successfully changed the Qlik icon to a different one by changing the favicon.ico, but changing the <Title>Qlik Sense</Title> in the HTML file doesn't do anything.  I'm guessing it's buried in the .js file and possibly pulling from the repository, but haven't figured that out yet.


      Has anyone done this?  We are not trying to "hide" the fact that it's Qlik since we'll be leaving the Help and About, but just want to brand it as an internal tool code name.


      Thanks for any help / insights you can provide, 


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          Here is how I would do this. I would create a branded header and footer on an html page or using an interactive product like Microsoft .NET. Then I would deploy a sign on system and then link that to Qlik using single sign on. For viewing qlik charts and reports I would use the API to show that information. On our end we are using qlikTicket that we get using the API and populating an iframe linked back to qlik. To ensure it scales properly we are using bootstrap responsive iframe to allow it to upscale or downscale with the browser. Hope this helps, this isn't going to be a 10 minute thing though as Qlik does not have built in branding capability.