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    AJAX Client with Animated GIF?

      Hopefully this will be a quick one. I'm using QV10 and all our clients are using the AJAX Zero Footprint client. I'm trying to just get an animated GIF on the page. I'm adding the GIF to the App by adding a Text Object with the desired animated GIF as the background.

      - In the thick client, the GIF shows up and is animated

      - In the IE Plugin client, it also show up and is animated

      - but when viewing the app thru the AJAX client, only the first frame of the GIF appears and it is NOT animated


      Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm hoping there is a way to just embed standard HTML into the page where I can add an "<IMG src=..." tag or something.


      thanks in advance,


        • AJAX Client with Animated GIF?
          Brian Munz


          Just out of curiosity, which browser are you using to view the app? Is this happening in all browsers?

          It would be useful if I could see the code that the AJAX client is generating. Is this app in a publicly available place?



            • AJAX Client with Animated GIF?

              Brian, thanks - I've tested using both Chrome and IE (AJAX flavor not IEPlugin) seems to happen in both. As Stephen mentions, it appears as if the raw GIF isn't exposed to the client just a snapshot of it. the QVW is a privite one with financials, so I can't point you to it or send it in its raw form. I'll look into either creating an Ext Obj or just say the dreaded phrase: "QV can't do it at this time..."

            • AJAX Client with Animated GIF?
              Stephen Redmond

              Unfortunately, this is just the way the AJAX client works right now.

              The GIF is calculated at server side and then presented through to the client. It is not a link back to the original GIF so is not animated by IE.

              If you absolutely positively must have an animated gif in AJAX (and you will have to come up with a really really good explanation as to why!) then it would be a fairly trivial extension object. (See http://qliktips.blogspot.com/)




                • AJAX Client with Animated GIF?


                  Thanks for the response - I like your idea of using extensions, but I'm a bit unframiliar with the usage/impacts of them. Mainly, Are they allowed in a Server environment or are they only for development purposes? if they are allowed in server installs, what folder do I put them in on the server? (Blog states that for local usage the folder is %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Qliktech\Qlikview\Extensions\Objects, but i'm not seeing a similar folder structure on the server...)

                  And to answer your question about how important is this: is there ever an good reason to have an animated GIF on a page?! :) In our case, it's purely for asthetic purposes. if there are performance impacts than obviously I would not pursue.

                  Thanks much,


                • AJAX Client with Animated GIF?

                  Achieving this with an extension is pretty easy: you can do that with an object having only a text expression to store the gif URL. Then the javascript code will render the extension by adding a <img> tag with the URL in the extension container.

                  I attached an extension which does that. To install it on client side, change the file extension from .zip to .qar and drop the file in the qlikview 10 window. You are now able to add it in a document when in webview (view -> turn on/off webview), and you can set the url of your img by editing the extension properties. To be able to view it while viewing the document on a server, you have to install the extension on the server: unzip the file to "C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects" (vista/7) or "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects ". The extension must be in its own directory with the same name (you'll have to unzip all files into the directory "...\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Objects\AnimatedGif").

                    • AJAX Client with Animated GIF?


                      Thanks much...i'm feeling really newb right now...I've dropped the qar on my sheet and I see it, but how to I insert the HTML or url of the gif? the "OCX Properties" button is disabled and there seem to be no other properties on the object. I'm obviously missing something very basic. Thanks for you help!