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    nPrinting - y-Axis - dynamic

    Sebastian Faust

      Hi all,

      iam new to nPrinting.

      In Qlikview it was easy to set the y-axis to a dynamic value by simple writing a formula into the min field like min(netValue).

      unfortunatly it seems you cannot do that in nPrinting?


      i found the settings page in nPrinting, but there is no way to put a formula in it, how can i solve that?



      Qualitiy Management,

      i have 3 values, minimum requirement and maximum and the actual value.

      min and max only change on the testing criteria, else they stay the same.


      so the y-axis shouldnt start at 0, but at the lowest limit found.

      and it should end with the highest tolerance limit + 2, for example.


      thanks and regards,