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    Qlik Sense 3.0 not showing columns on odbc 64bit import

    Dieter Hehn



      we migrated our Qlik sense to version 3.0 last week and today realized the Data Import funfction does no longer show us columns for selecting the data we want imported.


      empty data load.jpg

      Usually our users build their own sheets with this, selecting the columns from our DBs that they need and merging them together, only coming to us when they need something more sophisticated (i.e. editing Data Load scripts directly because they want to match some more exotic things.)

      However since we migrated last week, the columns no longer show up in the data preview and our users can no longer create new views. The old ones, oddly enough, are working completely fine.
      We can also use our ODBC connections just fine by writing direct scripts.



      Qlik Sense 3.0

      ODBC:Mysql Connector ODBC 5.1 by oracle.

      Connecting to a MYSQL db running on 5.6


      As said the actual connection is working fine, and we can pull data from it just fine with tools like excel.

      Only the qlik sense connection seems to not return rows correctly.

      I already tried creating a new data connection (both 32 and 64 bit) and have the same problem.

      I restarted all services multiple times, including our Database servers.


      If anybody has an idea as to what might cause this please let me know.

      If this was asked somewhere before then my Google-fu was not strong enough to find the thread.

      Also if I posted to the wrong place please give me a pointer, I'm new to this community.