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    NPrinting 17.0.2(SR1)

    Sankar Rajamoorthy

      hi experts ..


        am on testing of NPrinting 17.0.2(SR) for update to project which is working NP16 .. am facing so many issues

      1) i create a connection for inventory app first it stuck on generating so i open that app  remove some no data charts then it ll be connected and cache was generated so i can create report.

      after some times am re login the server the inventory connection status was in cache status generated so i cannot create reports

      then i Reload Metadata but it ll not work its stuck on generating


      2) my scheduler and repo services are gets stop often so i need many time to reload metadata some times i cannot start the services its shows error like below


      so i have to repair the server or re-installed setups many times


      3)when the connections are stucks on generating then services issue were accrued


      4)mainly i cannot sent reports to email am sure my credentials and smtp setting correct so i check the log files it's shows


      email sent to bucket am already asking this issue from community unfortunately i cannot get any solution for that


      5)Ones i create the reports and publish to newsstand i can see the report and download that but if the services issue ac-curd then i open the newsstand the report was spinning upto i re-create  connection and re-publish reports and i open the view history it ll shows ly re-published report another are spinning


        so i have doubted about to implement NPrintnig 17(SR1) to project if anybody used NP17 for live project

      please suggesting me...i can resolve this issue and implement to project???