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    How to send e-mail using NPrinting 17.1

    Aiolos Zhao

      Hi all,


      I'm new to Qlikview NPrinting, now I'm using the NPrinting 17.1, I just want to send e-mail to myself to test the function. But I don't know how, I also saw the tutorial of NP 16 and some threads about the sending e-mail issue, and didn't find a method to solve that.


      I have created a task, I think my problem is also in SMTP server. My configuration is :


      I'm using the office365 SMTP server, so I think I can't check the server log and the username and password is mine, the default sender is my email, I think that's fine.


      After I run the task I can saw the log in nprinting_scheduler.log :

      Qlik.NPrinting.Repo17.1.0.0Qlik.NPrinting.Repo.Service.ReportPublishingService20160707T200941.338+08:00INFOLPMAIOLOSZHAONprinting Task Identity00000000Send e-mail for bucket 813971d5-5658-4744-9b22-53caeaf66ba0



      and I can't get the e-mail, the user is me, so I think if it's ok I can get the email after task run.


      I just want to know what I need to do? I really want to solve this ASAP.

      If you need any other information please tell me.




      Aiolos Zhao