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    NPrinting license details

    Bill Markham

      Anybody know of any url's / documents that explain how NPrinting 17.1 licensing works.


      I need to get an understanding of what licencing we would need to have / purachse

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          Aran Nathanson

          Licensing is pretty simple.


          You pay for the install, and you pay for additional engines.


          Depending on the currency, the cost for the install and engines will vary.


          There is also an SMB edition which is less expensive, does not allow scaling up by adding engines and is limited to two report developers and 250 users overall.


          There is no per-user fee nor is there any charge for designers.


          If you're connecting to QlikView documents, you will also need a QlikView license and the desktop software for the initial install and each additional engine.


          Hope this is clear.