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    Qlik Sense Server 3.0.1 Hub internal server error

    Romas Daukantas

      We have installed Qlik Sense Server 3.0 and then immediately upgraded it to 3.0.1 and we get this two messages:


      With firefox: First it says that there is an internal server error, when we try to refresh the page it gives us "An error occurred: No Engine service is available for the following app: app:_hub", after several refreshes it lets us to connect to hub. If we refresh it while we're in a hub it either refreshes or gives us internal error again.


      With chrome: Same as with firefox but you have to refresh like 20-30 times before it will let you into hub.


      QMC works perfectly fine with both browsers.


      Restarting Qlik Sense Server Dispatcher does nothing.


      Any idea which logs should I exactly look into or what may cause these type of errors?qlikerror.PNG


      qlik error2.PNG