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    Include statement on a shared drive not working

      I recently migrated to a new machine and am having some problems that I can't seem to troubleshoot. My QV app's load script has an include statement that grabs a script from a network drive. However, it doesn't seem to be able to actually READ the file.


      I changed it over to a Must_Include statement to get better error handling--the load process doesn't throw an error so I know it's finding the script. However, nothing appears in the loading box (when I should get logs of everything being loaded) nor do I end up with any data at all in my script.


      Bizarrely, if I move the script to my desktop and point the include statement at that, it seems to work fine.


      I've edited the script down, for debugging purposes to just a single inline table, thinking maybe I had typos somewhere, but still can't solve the problem.


      Any suggestions about ways to debug this?


      My load script looks like this:

       $(Must_Include=g:\alumni\jake t\datawarehouse\test-script2.qvs);

      And the contents of test-script2.qvs are:

           LOAD * INLINE [
               goal_tmu,goal_uc, goal_td, goal_ess_overall, goal_ess, goal_turf, goal_builinfra, goal_facdev, goal_projconf, goal_schol, goal_af_tmutotal, goal_af_yearly, goal_af_urest, goal_bbc, goal_cfa,goal_af_dnr_ALUM, goal_af_dnr_ESTATE, goal_af_dnr_FACULTY, goal_af_dnr_FOUNDATION, goal_af_dnr_ORG, goal_af_dnr_OTHER, goal_af_dnr_PARENT, goal_af_dnr_STUDENT, goal_af_dnr_TRUSTEE, goal_af_dnr_PAST_TRUSTEE
               85000000,27200000, 15500000, 16000000, 13000000, 3000000, 2000000, 2300000, 1000000, 10000000, 11000000, 2400000, 1400000,100000,30000,500000, 100000, 25000, 450000, 250000, 85000, 40000, 0, 340000, 145000

      Any guesses?