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    SAP Connector: PseudoMDX question


      I have the pseudomdx query below and i would like to restrict the lines where the Measure Zero (the last measure) = 0. In order to do it, i'm trying to use a where clause, but no matter what i include inside it, it sitll returning me the same result. Does anyone know if i can use the where clause this way in pseudomdx?

      Does anyone know where i can find a pseudoMDX help or reference?

      Load *;
      Select PseudoMDX (
      Dimensions (
      [0DOC_NUMBER] ([20DOC_NUMBER]),
      [0KSCHL] ([10KSCHL], [20KSCHL]),
      [0S_ORD_ITEM] ([20S_ORD_ITEM])),
      Measures (
      [4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L7AAG9J46TGPYO6KUIS92HXV], //Condition Amount
      [4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L7AAGH7N5F68L7MQOL4J4GNN], //Condition Value
      [4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L7AAGOW640VR7R2WINGT6FDF], //Percentage Rate
      [4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L56M5QO8YX3N7IVJG7NLJ4SR] //Zero
      From (SD_M035/ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010),
      Where ([4L7AAG1UL87R7C4QF0GFZ0J83].[4L56M5QO8YX3N7IVJG7NLJ4SR] <> 0));
      Store * from [SD_M035/ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010] into SD_M035-ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010.QVD;
      Drop table [SD_M035/ZOG_QLIK_PMEDIO_1DESC_2010];^