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    QlikView Governance Dashboard



      I have installed QlikView Governance Dashboard but not sure where to open it from. couldn't find any info in the QlikView® Governance Dashboard 2.0.1 – Release notes.


      Should I restart my server for this ? Kindly help.

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            Kevin Wen

            hi guys,

            Is the script encrypt? I want know some logic about this dashboard. like what's  the about


            the Cardinality%? how to get the data and how to calculate?

            for our dashboard there some number is too high, so we want make some optimized.  how should I do?


            thank you very much!



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                Peter Cammaert

                The main part of the script (almost all of it actually) is stored in a Hidden Script to avoid any inadvertent changes. A hidden script is always password-protected. The password is listed in the comment block on the Main (regular) script tab.


                I would advise to be careful with the hidden script. This is a reasonably complex tool. Also if you make any changes, do not distribute the resulting document as it will be nog longer a standard Governance Dashboard.



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              Peter Cammaert

              The Governance Dashboard is a QlikView document that collects information from a variety of places, processes the data & numbers and tries to display the results in a series of comprehensive sheets and objects. The source of all of this is usually a QlikView Server installation. So the best place to display a GD is in the AccessPoint.


              A simple approach:

              • Drop the GD QVW in your documents folder
              • Configure the GD by opening the document in QV Desktop and filling in the details or create a configuration file as shown on the Config sheet.
              • In QMC, create a reload task (e.g. every day at midnight) that publishes the GD to the QV Administrators and whoever might be interested in this kind of feedback (e.g. Developers)
              • Perform a manual reload in the QMC to get started
              • Check the GD in your AccessPoint.


              If you will be using the Governance Dashboard in a development environment, use QV Desktop to reload and display.