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    Stock error 10054

    Keith Lawrence

      I've recently started getting an error message 'Stock error 10054 connection reset by peer' on my tasks when it is trying to send an email to my recipients.


      This was working fine previously so I'm perplexed why it's now happening. I've found release notes from v15 that says the bug was fixed but this is not the case. I'm using v16.2 of NPrinting.


      Any ideas how I can get my tasks working and sending emails out again?

        • Re: Stock error 10054
          Toni Kautto

          Similar cases have been caused by the email server closing the connection, when NPrinting was taking more time to send all email reports. Please review logs on email server side, and consider adjusting timeout settings.


          You can also consider forcing NPrinting to open a new session with the email server more frequently using the MaxConnectionTime in the NPrinting.ini file in C:\ProgramData\NPrinting. The variable value is the number of seconds after which a connection is restarted.