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    Only reload QVF if condition is met, cancel if not

    Ram Krishna



      Hoping someone can answer this....


      Have a QVF that pulls data from a SQL Datawarehouse (which gets populated from other sources via SSIS).

      The document reloads via the QMC once an hour. However sometimes the Datawarehouse load from SSIS is still in progress when the QMC reload kicks off.


      This is causing partial data to appear in the QVF.  Ideally we want the QVF to only reload the data if the SSIS job has completed. If it hasn't completed, abort the reload and leave the QVW as is.




      Ram Krishna

        • Re: Only reload QVF if condition is met, cancel if not
          Marcus Sommer

          One approach could be to update another table/variable/parameter after finishing the SSIS to DWH transfer. This parameter could be read from the qvf and if it isn't newer as by the last execution: exit script;


          Another way might be to implement an intermediate step which is loading from the DWH and the final load-step from the qvf checked those number of records or the max. timestamp or similar to decide to load the updated data or to cancel this task.


          - Marcus