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      i want to generate PDF Reports. It works fine, but the gauge chart doesn't show up correctly in the pdf. I also tried the bypass ghostscript option in the user setting, but this makes texts look ugly.


      I am using PDF Creator with ghostscript. I assume that there has to be a setting in Ghostscript that has to be changed ?


      Can somebody help ?


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          We are having a similar problem using DeskPDF or Adobe Acrobat . This affects only the gauge charts in a report. Any ideas anyone ?


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            John Trigg


            Can you confirm that you are using QlikView 9.0 SR2 please? I see bugs were fixed in SR2 relating to gauges printing on PDF (or more accurately print preview).


            John Trigg

            Global Product Manager - QlikView Developer

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              John Trigg

              So I was about to place a post on the forum last night with some suggestions I received from support when I had a crazy idea. Let me test this out. I am using CutePDF on my machine with 9.0SR2. I create a report with a bunch of gauges, all looked fine in preview, all looked fine when i generated the PDF. When i reopened the PDF I saw the same grey image for each dial build slowly on my PDF.

              So I decided to apply the advice I'd received from support - here is the advice in its entirety


              Here are a few options you can try to improve PDF printing:


              1. In QV, go to Settings > User Preferences > Printing. If the "Bypass Postscript for Printing (slow)" is checked, then uncheck it and perform a print test. If the "Bypass Postscript for Printing (slow)" is unchecked, then check it and perform a print test.
              2. Try reducing the print resolution reduced the file size and the time taken to generate the report with minimal loss of quality.
              3. Trying another PDF printer driver that's available out there, Adobe PDF, CutePDF etc. Some seem to perform better under certain conditions and Printers.
              4. Printing by File > Print > print to PDF sometime provide better print quality then via Reports > (Choose report).

              I checked #1 - "Bypass Postscript". In my instance, this flag was unchecked. So I checked it. Re ran my report. Preview - fine, print to PDF - fine & when I now reopen the PDF I see the gauges as expected.

              I've included both resulting PDFs from my tests.

              Do these options resolve your problems? Let me know


              John T


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                Dear Friend,

                suppose I have 50 chart in 5 different sheet and I want to export all 50 chart in single PDF .

                can anyone guide me how it is possible ?.