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    Newbie, Need Help

    Anil Konduri

      Hi All,

      I am newbie here, I have few questions

      1) installed QlikView 9.0 Personal Edition (Free Download), but not able to see "QlikView Management Console (QMC)", "QlikView Enterprise Management Console", QlikView AccessPoint.

      2) Once I design & develop application, how to deploy my qlikview application ?

      3) When I tried to open sample.qvw in IE (qvp://localhost/sample.qvw), following error encountered "Failed to reach server:-1 Switching to HTTP tunneling Connected to Server OK, Negotiations Timed Out " Then "Failed to open document".

      - Reason for this error?

      - is qlikview server is required?

      - how to open qlikview doc in IE

      4) From where I can download QlikView 8.5 ?

      Thanks In Advance

        • Newbie, Need Help


          Go to the Download tabs in the community ,and there you will find all related software to QlickView.



          • Newbie, Need Help

            1) QMC , enterprise management and Access points are installed with Qlikview Server. Personal Edition will only allow you to create applications, not to distribute them ( you need the server to distribute them).

            2) With personal edition you cannot distribute them as you can only open them with your installed program or a licensed program

            3) Yep Qlikview server is required because Qlikview Server will be used to send you the application in http protocol (qvp protocol exactly )

            4) Qlikview 8.5 can be downloaded from the download page of Qlikview, but there is no personnal edition, just a trial version if you don't input the licence number.





            • Newbie, Need Help
              Anil Konduri

              Thanks for the reply......

              there is no 8.5 version in community.qlik.com --> downloads tab, its showing 9.0 to download


              • Newbie, Need Help

                All of these responses are correct, but I can sum it up:


                1. These are all elements of QlikView Server, the server-based program used to distribute QlikView documents to other users. This is a licensed product and is not part of the Personal Edition
                2. You need the aforementioned QlikView Server to deploy your application.
                3. This error is caused because you do not have a QlikView Server installation set up.
                4. Previous versions of our software are currently only available to licensed customers and partners.

                If you would like more assistance in your evaluation of QlikView, please let me know and I'll be happy to put you in touch with the right person.

                Thanks for visiting!