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    Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1 white screen only

    Iain Gaskin

      Windows 10 v1511 (November edition), fully patched.

      .NET 4.6.1

      IE 11 and Chrome


      My Qlik Sense Desktop v2.2.3.0 stopped functioning this morning with a message that it had expired.

      I downloaded the v3.1 executable and carried out the upgrade. Post restart, whenever I start Qlik, all I see is a blank white browser window instead of the hub.


      Looking at the chrome-devtool timeline, the only error displayed is:

      Failed to clear temp storage: It was determined that certain files are unsafe for access within a Web application, or that too many calls are being made on file resources. SecurityError. Clearing the chrome cache had no effect.


      Attempting to browse localhost:4848\hub fails with both IE 11 and Chrome, using IP instead of localhost also fails. Both browsers report page unavailable / no data returned.


      Engine log is the only one created, and it just repeats the same lines for each attempted launch:

      INFO 20160930T124456.990+0100 7204 8788 Invalid parameter handler set

      INFO 20160930T124456.991+0100 7204 8788 ComputerName is **** (no spaces, does contain a hyphen)

      INFO 20160930T124457.306+0100 7204 8788 Locale(s) set

      INFO 20160930T124457.310+0100 7204 8788 QHeap initialized

      INFO 20160930T124457.316+0100 7204 8788 Running in desktop mode

      INFO 20160930T124457.316+0100 7204 8788 Initiating server license.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Qlik several times, and also cleared out all of the appdata\local\programs\qlik data in case anything was being left behind from the uninstall. I have a redirected documents folder on a network share, but the Engine log is being successfully written there.


      Event Viewer applications log shows a succession of error 300 source: Engine

      Additional information is: RestClient HTTP request for url/migrate/ping failed with error code 12029 (source: 5)


      A second workstation has also been upgraded and is displaying the same behavior.


      My best guess at the moment is that the engine is failing and the browser(s) can't connect. Can anyone offer a solution please?

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          Mark Ritter

          Is it possible that it doesn't like your computer name based on the entries you showed?  The older version might not have cared about that. 

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            Rohit Kumar

            Hi Lain,


            The issue is Qlik Sense 3.0 needs network connectivity to run , No matter it is Intranet or Internet.So,


            What we need to do , Create a Loop Back Adapter which makes Qlik Sense 3.0 always connect to network no matter you are in any network or not , But Qlik Sense 3.0  will work fine.


            Steps are below to create Loop Back Adapter:


            Run => write command hdwwiz => advanced => Network Adapter => Microsoft => MS KM TST Loop Back Adapter => Next and Done.


            Qlik Sense will work always with network or without network



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            Rohit Kumar

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              Robert Stickle

              Hi Iain,

              I had a similar issue when I upgraded to 3.0 in July.  Installing the 3.0.2 service release fixed my problem. The problem is related to the internet connectivity.  At work I'm fine.  At home I'm usually fine until the internet connection become saturated and then I experience this issue.  If you are also trying to use the software offline it is an issue as well.  As I said the 3.0.2 seem to fix my issues allowing me to work offline or in poor internet connectivity situations.


              I tried the 3.1 upgrade as an experiment and I'm experiencing the same issue as you have and for me the loop back didn't resolve the issue (maybe I didn't do something correctly in the installing the loop back).  However, uninstalling 3.1 and installing service release 3.0.3 does get it working.  You won't have the features from feature release 3.1 but you do get the features of 3.0 release and you are able to continue using your desktop version.


              Good Luck.

              Robert Stickle

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                Iain Gaskin

                After a bit more digging in the forums I note that someone with almost identical symptoms was able to fix their issue by downgrading to .NET 4.5.2, and stated that 4.6.1 is not supported.


                Having tried it with both 4.6.1 (default for Win 10 v1511 - and v2.2.3.0 worked with this) and 4.6.2 (default for Win10 anniversary edition), I still cannot get v3.1 working.


                .NET 4.5.2 is not listed by MS as compatible with Win10.


                Is this a known problem that Qlik are working on, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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                    Rohit Kumar

                    Hi lain ,


                    I don't think version of .net framework have any issue . It can happen by your user account or your exe file has been broken . Try to do fresh download an try a clean install. Sometimes registry file gets broken. Please be sure you are not upgrading Qlik sense if yes there are some things need to take care . Better is do a fresh installation.

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                    Iain Gaskin

                    My boss has identified the solution.


                    In the configuration file C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local\Programs\Qlik\Sense\services.conf


                    Change the line:



                    To an absolute path (i.e. LogPath="C:\Users\JoeBloggs\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Log")


                    Qlik sense 3.1 then functions correctly for us.

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                      Emma Camacho

                      Thanks! This worked for me!!!

                      I have to say, that in my case it was a network drive:

                      "P:\bla\bla\bla\Log" and i had to write "\\server\share\bla\bla\bla\Log" then it worked!

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                          Iain Gaskin

                          Hi Emma,


                          Always nice to be able to help someone else - particularly after bashing my head on the desk for so long .


                          In our case the environmental variables Homedrive and Homepath resolve to the root of our network share, which users have no permissions on, hence the problem when Qliksense tries to create the logging directories.


                          Useful to know that we can use the UNC path if we decide to move the logs. Thanks.

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                          Coelho Silva Pedro



                          I have the same issue. Tried the solution proposed by iaingaskin but still appears same white screen.


                          This line" LogPath="${HOMEDRIVE}${HOMEPATH}\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Log" is the first entrance in the file right?



                          I reinstalled with Administrator privileges and it now works properly.