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    NPrinting does not refresh connection metadata if .qvw has Container type Objects

    Luis Pimentel Giráldez




      We just installed a Trial version of NPrinting in one of our clients. Everything works as expected except for when trying to reload Connections Metadata, it fails with error message "No engines Working". NPrinting Engine is working fine since this error happens only when the .qvw has container objects.



      Deleting the container objects from our .qvw, the metadata is reloaded correctly. The GRID container contains several Text Objects.



      Also, it turns out that if after a successful metadata reload, if we place the original .qvw in the same folder with the same name (and all containers in it), the metadata keeps refreshing correctly. But honestly I am not sure if that metadata is correct or not. It doesn't seem like a trusted workarount



      Our Enviroment Details are:

      NPrinting 17.2

      Qlikview Server/Client 11.20 SR10 (x64)

      Windows Server 2012 R2



      We tried exactly the same test in an internal server (with Windows Server 2012 SR2, Qlikview 12 SR5 and NPrinting 17.2) and exactly same thing happen.



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