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    Building a BOM hierarchy

    Mert Gönensay

      Dear all,


      I am trying to build a BOM hierarchy in QV. The source file can be seen in the picture on the left hand side (blue).

      Based on column F "Complete", I'd like to calculate the completeness of the each node.



      You can see in line 16 "Seat left", which is not complete (0%) and in line 17 the "Seat right", which is complete (100%). Resulting that line 15 "seating area" is 50% complete.

      It is important to note, that the completeness of the nodes are calculated from the childs and not parents. Let me make another example: You can see, from line 7 to line 10 all are complete, however the parent node is indicated in the source file as not complete. But that should not be regarded in qlikview. If the childs are all 100%, the parent should be 100% as well. You can see the what I expect to be calculated in column H.


      I have tried, using the Hierarchy function in qlikview, as well as some other scripts, but failed to come up, with a functioning solution.


      Any help is really appreciated! Thanks!