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    NTFS AD Group Authorization on access point

    Cedric Lupo

      Hello Qlik friends,


      I have created 3 folders all containing Qlik documents.


           - Project1 on folder 1

           - Project2 on folder 2

           - Governance Dashboard on folder 3


      Server is part of a windows domain

      Server is configured as NTFS authorization

      The 3 folders are mounted and accessible by the QMC

      No publisher

      SMB License (no DMS)


      The aim is to make appear the correct applications in the access point depending on the user AD group, keeping the NTFS inheritance on each Windows folder.


      So far, it works only when I add a single user to access the file, but it does not seem to work on AD group level.


      Is it something that is not set well in the QMC?

      Is it recommended to create a local group containing domain group?


      Thank you for your answers