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    Chart to show accumulated backlog

    Simon Touyet

      I all, I have a table with the headers below for casework:


      Case IDOpened DateClosed DateClosed
      101 Jan 201605 Jan 2016Yes
      201 Jan 201603 Jan 2016Yes
      302 Jan 201611 Jan 2016Yes
      404 Jan 2016No
      507 Jan 2016No


      I'd like to show the below chart to show what the backlog was at a given time and simply see how many cases were left open at the end of a day. I made an example chart below in excel to illustrate my need. I used the simple data above in this chart.


      backlog example.png


      I have been playing around with rangecount but I can't make it work. Any help appreciated.


      PS: I looked around but I can't find a solution anywhere for QlikSense.