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    Multi Layer Mapping

    Adam Davies

      Hi All,


      I am working on improving Brian Munz's QlikMap extension so if anyone has any ideas please chuck them in.

      My coding skill isn't great but it is coming together slowly.


      What I want to do is:


      1- Make the map show two layers of coordinate data both of which are selectable etc

      2- Alter the code to accept ARGB so the colormix function can be used

      3- Improve opacity as it seems to be hit and miss at the moment, including being able to set layer 2 as more opaque overall so layer1 is visible

      4- Make poly outline colour selectable


      I've got a GIT running for this here:




      At the moment I've removed the KML function but I'll add it back at the end.

        • Re: Multi Layer Mapping
          Adam Davies

          Finally picked this up again and started working on some fixes.


          Fixes on the GIT and will try and provide an updated example soon


          Changes so far:


          1- Outline of shapes now added (further work TBC)

          2- Ability to have different widths and opacity on layers 1 and 2

          3- General bug fixes