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    To display count of resources filling specific interval of hours in resource category

    Ankur Akash

      Hi Qlikers,


      I have to display - count of resources filling less than specific hours in their specific resource category.

      I have attached the sample resource (Excel file).


      The excel file contains four fields:

      ResourceID, Resource Name, Hours, ResCategory


      Here Resource Id is duplicated as the resources have filled hours multiple times in a week.


      I was able to get the Resource Id, Total hours against each resource Id and Total Hours for Each ResCategory. However when I try to get data for ResId who have worked less than 15 hours. It's not working for Resource Category.


      I have done the following in Pivot table:

      Dim: ResourceID

      Expression1: Total Hours : Sum(Hours)

      Expression2: Cat-A_Hrs: Sum({<ResCategory = {'Cat-A'}>}Hours)          // Working

      Expression2: Cat-B_Hrs: Sum({<ResCategory = {'Cat-B'}>}Hours)          // Working

      Expression3: Cat-B_LT15Hrs: Sum({<ResCategory = {'Cat-B'}, Hours = {'<15'}>}Hours)          // used single and double quotes for "<15" Not giving me the desired result.

      Requesting Qlikers to help.