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    Displaying Total Orders Per Month


      Hi All

      I am Brand New To Qlik i have just managed to acces our Pegasus Opera Database And was wondering if anybody could help me.

      I have Loaded a Table which has the following Information "Quote Date" and "Quote Number" There are obviously thousends of these going back ten years.

      i wanto to be able to display the ammount of quotes that have been produced in say each month or year, could anybody advise me on how to go about this.

      Like i said this is the first time i have used this great product, and i am unsure of expressions etc.

      Thank You In Advance


        • Displaying Total Orders Per Month
          Dinesh Thoniparambil

          Layout, New Sheet Object, Chart. Select Straight Table at bottom right & click Next. Click on Add Calculated Dimension & add formula =month[Quote Date], Click OK & click on Next. In Expression window, put in the formula =count[Quote Number] & click Finish. This should get you started.



          • Displaying Total Orders Per Month
            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

            Hello John and welcome to the Forums and the QlikView world,

            I suggest you to build a master calendar, so you have all possible time related dimensions (days, months, week, and so) in one table and linked to your main fact table (quotes in your case).

            Then create a new chart, pivot table, set year and month as dimensions and

            Count("Quote Number")
            as expression.

            Hope that helps

              • Displaying Total Orders Per Month

                Hi Thanks for the reply i am still having trouble by not being able to dislpay anything.

                If i start from the begining when i input the fields by selecting the tables that i want to show ie: quote date and quote number is there a way i can narrow down the data to only show the last year because i have ten years imported at the moment, maybe if i can smaller sized data i could understand it a bit better.



                  • Displaying Total Orders Per Month
                    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                    Hello John,

                    You can narrow your results by just loading a few of them, using a WHERE statement in your LOAD script, for example


                    LOAD * WHERE Year([Quote Date]) = 2010; SQL SELECT ...

                    Or you can create a new listbox with year as field, select it and then go to File menu, Reduce Data, keep possible values.

                    Is that what you are looking for?