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    Start / end date and flags

    jyp jyp



      I have a dataset containing dates and flags.


      For each date, the flag tells if a device was on (flag = true) or if the device was off (flag = false)



      14-10-16 01:06TRUE
      14-10-16 01:21FALSE
      14-10-16 02:51TRUE
      14-10-16 03:06FALSE
      14-10-16 04:36TRUE
      14-10-16 04:51FALSE
      14-10-16 06:21TRUE
      14-10-16 06:36FALSE
      14-10-16 08:06TRUE
      14-10-16 08:21FALSE
      14-10-16 09:51TRUE
      14-10-16 10:06FALSE
      14-10-16 11:36TRUE
      14-10-16 11:51FALSE
      14-10-16 13:21TRUE
      14-10-16 13:36FALSE
      14-10-16 15:06TRUE
      14-10-16 15:21




      How can I exploit these data to create a chart showing the device usage ?

      E.g : time spent with device in status"on", per hour / day / month.


      Is it possible to work with these raw data "as is" ? Or do you think I d' need to transform them ?




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          Sunny Talwar

          Looking to get something like this?



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            jyp jyp

            Hello Sunny,


            Yes for instance. Let's start with that.


            And another idea would be to show the time it was up, and the time is was down.

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              Massimo Grossi

              I think you can calculate for every row the time and the status using the previous row

              with this script




                Timestamp(Timestamp#(@1, 'DD-MM-YY hh:mm')) as DateTime,

                @2 as Status



              (html, codepage is 1252, no labels, table is @1);





                Interval(if(peek('DateTime'), DateTime - Peek('DateTime'))) as Interval,

                Peek('Status') as IntervalStatus

              Resident T

              Order By DateTime;

              DROP Table T;



              The chart on the right displays the time by status (on, off)



              If you have many dates, I think you should split the records crossing midnight


              14/10/2016 23:00     OFF

              14/10/2016 23:15     ON

              15/10/2016 01:15     OFF


              14/10/2016 23:00    

              14/10/2016 23:15     00:15     OFF    

              14/10/2016 24:00     00:45     ON

              15/10/2016 01:15     01:15     ON

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                John Witherspoon

                I'd transform the data.


                I've broken the data down by hour here, as I think you wanted to be able to see, by hour, how much the machine was in use. I changed one of your timestamps to be exactly 8:00 to make sure I didn't introduce a bug in the way I was splitting the hours apart. I don't guarantee bug free, of course, but it seems to work. I've supplied a couple visualizations of the machine usage, but you should be able to build whatever sort of chart you find most useful. In a real application, I'd build a master calendar linking to the hour field here that had Date, Month, Year, that sort of thing. But we only have one day of data here,.


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                    jyp jyp

                    Hello John,


                    So you transformed the data manually before loading it in Qlikview ?

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                        John Witherspoon

                        No. I transformed the data using QlikView script. If you look at the script, the first load of the Data table is the equivalent of your raw, non-transformed data. After that, I concatenate hour boundaries onto that table, and then I load new table Data2, which is the transformed data. Then I drop Data, as we no longer need the non-transformed data. The only other bit is at the top of the script, I associate colors with TRUE and FALSE. This has nothing to do with solving the basic problem, it's just something I often do when I want the colors in multiple charts to match and to be associated with field values.


                        If you can't see the script because you're using Personal Edition, I can post it.

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                            jyp jyp

                            Yes please post it, I am interested.

                            Thank you in advance.

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                                John Witherspoon

                                Here's the script:


                                LOAD *
                                ,rgb(R,G,B) as Color
                                INLINE [

                                LOAD * INLINE [
                                Start, Flag
                                14-10-16 01:06, TRUE
                                14-10-16 01:21, FALSE
                                14-10-16 02:51, TRUE
                                14-10-16 03:06, FALSE
                                14-10-16 04:36, TRUE
                                14-10-16 04:51, FALSE
                                14-10-16 06:21, TRUE
                                14-10-16 06:36, FALSE
                                14-10-16 08:00, TRUE
                                14-10-16 08:21, FALSE
                                14-10-16 09:51, TRUE
                                14-10-16 10:06, FALSE
                                14-10-16 11:36, TRUE
                                14-10-16 11:51, FALSE
                                14-10-16 13:21, TRUE
                                14-10-16 13:36, FALSE
                                14-10-16 15:06, TRUE
                                14-10-16 15:21, FALSE
                                CONCATENATE (Data)
                                LOAD *
                                WHERE not exists(Start)
                                LOAD makedate(2016,10,14)+div(recno()-1,24)+maketime(mod(recno()-1,24)) as Start
                                AUTOGENERATE 25

                                LOAD *
                                ,interval(End-Start) as Duration
                                ,floor(Start,maketime(1)) as Hour
                                previous(Start) as Start
                                ,Start as End
                                ,if(len(previous(Flag)),previous(Flag),if(len(peek(Flag)),peek(Flag),'FALSE')) as Flag
                                RESIDENT Data
                                WHERE previous(Start)
                                ORDER BY Start

                                DROP TABLE


                                Chart 1:

                                Dimension 1 = Hour
                                Dimension 2 = Flag
                                Expression  = sum(Duration)
                                Background Color = Color


                                Chart 2:


                                Dimension 1 = ='Total'
                                Dimension 2 = Start
                                Expression  = sum(Duration)
                                Background Color = Color