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    Qlik Sense Search folders

    Arnaldo Sandoval

      Good Morning All,


      We discovered today the Qlik Sense's Search folder; this folder is a sub-folder of your Qlik Sense's DocumentDirectory (the one defined in your Settings.ini file.


      The Search folder contains a sub-folder for each one of your Qlik Sense applications (see Screenshot-A) and each sub-folder could be empty or having hundreds of files adding to sizes up to 300+ MB; The size for all the sub-folders shown in the Screenshot-A is 505 Mb.


      The second screenshot taken for a Qlik Sense development environment on a network drive also contains the Search folder, one of its sub-folders having 195 files taken 343 GB (see Screenshot-B)



      1. What is the function of these sub-folders in the Search folder?
      2. Is Qlik Sense automatically cleaning this folder? e.g. deleting all these entries.
      3. Our concern is with the size this Search folder will reach? for a single developer playing around with Qlik Sense it reached 505 Mb and counting.
      4. Are these sub-folders in the Search folder slowing down opening Qlik Sense desktop?
      5. Is it safe to delete these folders or delete the files they contain?


      We will appreciate anyone sharing their knowledge about the Search folder.



      For a developer's workstation


      All these sub-folders are taking 505 Mb and growing as the developer keep writing more Qlik Sense applications.



      For a developer on a network drive.



      Thanks in advance!