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    nPrinting Import Recipients via Excel-File

    Markus Katzenmeier



      I need your help, because the documentation of Qlik is not detailed enough.


      I want to create 1 Powerpoint presentation which is filled via 2 qvw-Files (2 connections).

      I want now create 2 recipients with 2 filter for each connection


      User 1 "MK"--> Connection 1 "Sales"--> Filter: Branch= New York

      User 1 "MK"--> Connection 2 "Finance"--> Filter: Branch= New York

      User 2 "DO"--> Connection 1 "Sales"--> Filter: Branch= Los Angeles

      User 2 "DO"--> Connection 2 "Finance"--> Filter: Branch= Los Angeles



      How does the import file need to look like? Which columns of nPrinting I need to use in which way?

      What is the correct syntax for the column "FilterRef" and what is it doing?

      Can I write one row with 2 connections (instead of two rows)?


      Thx for your help.