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    QlikSense Desktop blank screen, error 500

      I'm having a problem with QS Desktop 3.1 SR1, running on win7 64: it shows a white screen and accessing the chromium devTools console there's a 500 internal server error when trying a GET request at url http://localhost:9070/api/hub/v0/privileges?cachebust=lotsofnumbershere I have tried:

      • changing the log path in the config file
      • reinstalling qliksense
      • disabling Security Essentials
      • I have no proxy configured


      all to no avail. I've used QS a few days ago without any issues. The only difference is that I have installed Connectify, but I tried closing the program and the issue persists - and btw a colleague of mine has the exact same issue while not using Connectify at all.