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    ddc dcd


      is there any way to read data from Instagram from Qlikview? Is there any connector or similar thing???





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          Deepak Sharma

          I dont think you can read instagram data as it contains privet information. though you can read data from wiki and may other sites where data is available for public access.

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            Steve Dark



            Instagram make information available via a REST API.  Details of this can be found here:



            As there is not specific Qlik Web Connector for Instagram (which would do all the clever stuff) you will need to build some custom script.  This can then be used to pull data from Instagram.  You would use either the Qlik Web Connector General Web Connector (which would be simplest) or the Qlik REST connector - which is more involved.


            Hope that helps,


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              Darren Ball


              There isn't a dedicated Instagram connector for the Qlik Web Connectors.

              You may be able to either use the Qlik Web Connector's General Web Connector or the Qlik REST connector, which both allow you to make arbitrary calls to an API, which you define according to the relevant platform's API docs, and get data back.


              I hope this helps.

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                Vineeth Pujari

                I agree with Deepak, but you can check this page, for other stuff


                QVSource - The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Home)

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                    Darren Ball


                    Thanks for this post, but QVSource was acquired by Qlik and is now called the Qlik Web Connectors - so mine and Steve's posts are effectively what you're saying here.


                    Further, although the information on qvsource.com is largely still relevant I would recommend reviewing the more up to date Qlik content.