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    Integrating Qlik Sense into external Angular web app

    Alex Bjølig

      Hi everyone - I'm a bit confused regarding how to include/embed Qlik Sense into a completely external web app.

      So far the user flow is the following, hosted at Firebase with a simple Angular project:


      1. The clients enters username&password in a small angular App (not using require.js)
      2. The client gets authenticated against a small Node.js API
      3. The Node.js server requests a ticket from the Qlik Sense Server
      4. The client then uses the ticket to obtain a resource from the Qlik Sense Server (<server><proxy><resource><qsTicket>).
      5. The client/user is now authenticated with success, and has the cookie. It's now possible to include iframes with Sense etc.


      But I would like to do more! I imagine building and exploring the capabilities API (directives, bookmarks, filters) - just like the examples on branch like this or this. I am especially interested in using the selections and bookmarks API's. But I'm a bit confused how to obtain this? The examples include require.js loading the qlik.js file - do I also need to do this or?


      Possible next steps - if I understand the architecture:´


      5. Load the /resources/js/qlik.js module and inject it into my existing Angular app, after the cookie is set?

      6. Use the qlik.js file, something like var app = qlik.openApp(<id of app>)

      7. And then for example getting an specific object app.getObject(args), getHyperCubeQ


      Is this understood correctly - can you provide guidance how to continue from here?