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    NPrinintg Capability

    sagar kharpude



      I want to replace macros by Nprinting. In one application we are using macros and we have written thousand line of code to send the report by mail. I can make any dynamic selections in the filter. On the front end we have one input box in which i will enter mail id of any user and on the left side there is button.  By clicking on that button it will send the report for the selected filters only to respective user.


      Can I use Nprinting for that purpose. If yes how can i achieve this?




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          Peter Cammaert

          I think you can do this, but only by using predefined Users in NPrinting Web Console. NPrinting allows you to define task filters based on some expression, in which you can include a destination selection. Imagine that you define an NPrinting Group that includes every possible User to which you would possibly like to send your report, you could then dynamically reduce this group to a single or a few destinations.


          However, I don't think this can be made to work for arbitrary email addresses. Which is a good thing - security and management-wise - I think.


          Not tested though. YMMV.