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    Geo Analytics using lat and Longitude

    Goutham Kandukuri


      I have a file with Latitude and longitude information but no cities or countries.

      How can i use this information to map Idevio Maps(Geo Analytics Extension)


      Please Advise.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Goutham,


          Thanks for your question, it depends on the format of the coordinates.


          Qlik GeoAnalytics reads them in as Longitude and Latitude and this data can be in different forms. They could be separate columns like Long, Lat - it can be a point such as [Long,Lat]. Geo Analytics gives you a few options for the how you want to define the points in the layers.


          I will have a video on this shortly, but please see the attached an example for you.


          When you open the app, look at the inline data in the Data Load Editor.


          Example 1:


          LOAD * Inline "


          Using 2 Bubble Layers - each with one point - and Location options are set to Auto or Dimension:




          Example 2:


          LOAD * Inline "


          Using one Bubble Layer and setting the Location Options setting to use Latitude,Longitude




          Example 3:


          If you have separate Lat and Long like in Table2, you could also create a point coordinate by concatenating the Longitude and Latitude like this ='['&long&','&lat&']' and using it in the dimension of the layer:



          Hope this gives you a few key points on how you can use.


          See the sample attached.


          If using Qlik Sense Desktop please copy .qvf file to your C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps and refresh Qlik Sense Desktop with F5. If using Qlik Sense Enterprise Server please import .qvf into your apps using the QMC - Qlik Management Console.


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