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    Setup OLEDB connections in Settings files?

    Jason Turner

      Hi There,


      I have a SAS library that i need to connect to in Qliksense using OLE DB. This works perfectly in Qlikview (and excel to test) as you are able to chose the Provider type (SAS IOM Data Provider 9.3) - go to advanced and not use Default Metadata and type in a metadata server and password.


      However on Qliksense you have to enter the connection string for the data source before you're able to type in the Metadata information. Because of this i cannot proceed to find the SAS library.


      If i was able to adjust a settings files and type in this connection string manually then we can probably get this connection to work, but due to Qliksense not allowing you to adjust metadata before you do the data source we cannot do it in the app.


      Any ideas how this is done?