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    Task reload failure

    Ganesh Bagavathi



      Few of the recurring tasks fail at random in my environment and when checked for the Log folder, i could not find file which captured the failure. What could be the reason for this behaviour?

      However i have got the error from the tasks list and it is pasted below.




      2017-02-21 11:00:39 UTC

      Message from ReloadProvider: Task failed due to timeout getting engine connection

      2017-02-21 11:00:39 UTC

      Changing task state from Queued to FinishedFail

      2017-02-21 10:30:39 UTC

      Changing task state from Started to Queued

      2017-02-21 10:30:38 UTC

      Changing task state from Triggered to Started

      2017-02-21 10:30:36 UTC

      Trying to start task. Sending task to slave-node xxxxxx.xxxx



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          Jai Soni

          Which version of Qlik Sense are you on? Regarding your questions:

          a) I could not find file which captured the failure. -- The error files you can find on Scheduler node at "E:\Qlik\Sense\Log\Script" or in archived logs (E:\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Archived Logs) at central node.

          b) Looking at the content looks like task failed after 30 minutes. You might want to increase this parameter in QMC > Scheduler > Engine Timeout (in mins)

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            Craig Bence



            We are experiencing the same situation and message. Reviewing this post, it appears it was never answered .


            Was there a resolution?

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              igor gois

              we are facing the same problem here...


              and when we click "start" and re run the task in a different time, it works


              does anyone can help?


              thanks in advance

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                  Craig Bence



                  We were able to resolve this problem by staggering the task execution start times. We had numerous tasks that started at similar times, but definitely overlapped. Granted, they should have "queued", but did not because of this failure. We also have the Qlik SAP Connector. Though not verified, we suspect the connector (which does not perform as well as a direct SQL connector) may have had something to do with the issue as well.


                  Finally, we also cleaned out our Qlik log files which were quite large (we had never cleaned them out).


                  Hopefully, some of these actions will help resolve your issues as well!

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                      igor gois

                      thanks for the answer, craig

                      we did what you said: improved the tasks start time to decrease the queue. Thus, we didnt get this error anymore

                      but yesterday the error came back... This is not a stable situation, if something goes different, the queue error will come back


                      we are also using sap connector here. I will delete the logs folder, but im not confident about this as root cause.


                      Does anyone has another clue?


                      Thanks in advance

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                          Craig Bence



                          I agree the underlying reason could be "masked" by these changes. However, the two recommendations from Qlik were to 1) Clean out the logs and 2) stagger the tasks. So far - for us - this has worked, but again we agree this seems odd.


                          Alternatively, if the current situation does not completely solve the problem, are next step is to convert our long-running/high utilization tasks which use the Qlik SAP Connector to the standard SQL connector. Our understanding of the SAP Connector is that it uses SAP BAPI's to make the calls to the DB, so using a SQL connector instead would remove the additional, non-value-added, layer.


                          Again, these are just suggestions to try and help!!! GOOD LUCK!