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    Task reload failure

    Ganesh Bagavathi



      Few of the recurring tasks fail at random in my environment and when checked for the Log folder, i could not find file which captured the failure. What could be the reason for this behaviour?

      However i have got the error from the tasks list and it is pasted below.




      2017-02-21 11:00:39 UTC

      Message from ReloadProvider: Task failed due to timeout getting engine connection

      2017-02-21 11:00:39 UTC

      Changing task state from Queued to FinishedFail

      2017-02-21 10:30:39 UTC

      Changing task state from Started to Queued

      2017-02-21 10:30:38 UTC

      Changing task state from Triggered to Started

      2017-02-21 10:30:36 UTC

      Trying to start task. Sending task to slave-node xxxxxx.xxxx