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    Qlik Sense: Send unsigned SAML-requests

    David Thorzén

      I'm trying to set up SSO against SiteMinder as IdP. Under Virtual proxy in Qlik Sense there is an option regarding signing algorithm (SHA-1 or SHA-256). However, the IdP in this case cannot accept signed SAML requests.


      Qlik Support says that there is a workaround in order to get Qlik Sense to send unsigned SAML requests. That's not a part of the normal support agreement though and would require payed consultancy from them.


      I'd like to try to solve the problem myself but I honestly don't have a clue where to start. I'm hoping that there is a config somwhere that will enable me to change the way Qlik sense sends SAML-requests but no luck so far.


      Does anyone here have experience from this before and can give me a pointer on where to investigate further?