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    Allowing end users to create bookmarks on sheets

    James Rhoat

      Good afternoon Qlik Community,

      I am new to Qlik Sense I am hoping you can help me on an issue we are having.


      What we are trying to accomplish - 

      • Allow end users to create bookmarks on sheets with the least privileges
        • This would not allow users to create other objects such as stories, other sheets, or etc. ONLY Bookmarks


      Here are a few previous postings that were used as a guide to create the below rule:


      Resource Filter






      and resource.App.HasPrivilege("read")

      and (resource.objectType = "sheet")

      and !user.IsAnonymous()


      When using the audit portion it does look like this is exactly what we needed and it seems to apply the permissions correctly, however, it does not allow the users to create bookmarks, as I have tested this with a standard user account.


      We are also noticing that it is not all sheets are behaving in the same fashion. Some of the sheets belong to a different stream, one stream allows users to publish while the other does not. The one that is working allows users to publish.


      So the questions are:

      1. What are the least privileges you need to create bookmarks?
      2. Can this be done without allowing unnecessary privileges?
      3. Is there a document discussing the hierarchy to better understand Least-Privilege administration in Qlik?