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    Repeat Column header in Qlik Nprint 16.3

    Devarasu R

      Hi All,


      I've Qlikview Nprint Report with multiple pages (created excel image object) output and it's working fine.



      Report Column header not repeated when we take printout (Nprint Generated Excel - image object output). how to achieve repeat column header for multiple page. below two are the issues

      1 ) Display image as column value based on each article ID  -- Nprint (Excel Pivot table report)

      2) Column header need to be multiple pages. (i've report which contains 2000 Article with Image and when we take printout of the o/p column header displayed only current page but we need to display column hdeader all report pages)


      What i've tried is,

      1) try to set below page break option in my Nprint Qlik doc.and re-generation o/p

      Page Break.png

      2) Also try to create Excel report - Data (Pivot table) but unable to display image as column value in Nprint Excel report. (manged to show in qlikview)

      below is the expected output. when i tried the same in nprint it shows URL instead of the image.

      Excel Report.png



      Do you have any idea/suggestion on this?


      Thanks for your time