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    Need help on Expression Enable condition:-

    Gourav Sikka

      Hi Team,


      I have one requirement on Expression enable condition.

      We have 3 years i.e 2016 , 2015 and 2014 data with sales value. We have to design trend chart for above 3 years.

      Month will be dimension and Sales value is our measure field And Year as a selection filter..

      Requirement is when we select 2016 and 2015 both year at a time then Two trend line should be seen in line chart. And when I select 2014 and 2016 then related trend line should be shown in same line chart.


      After doing  2014 and 2015 year selection then related trend line should  be shown in same Line Chart..


      Have attached the data for your reference. Kindly help me over this.