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    Extension - X-Axis Spacing and Scroll Property

    Rahul Patel

      Problem detail : X-Axis are colliding when it is not filtered by a year, trying to make the X-Axis visible with multiple Year selection. It Works good for a year.

      With No filter Selected with multiple years it looks like this:




      Expected Output :

      To show all the years data with similar spacing with scroll



      Observations in our trouble shooting  :



      1. Tried to modify the transform / translate function


        var plot = svg.append("g")

        .attr("transform","translate(" + margin.left + "," + margin.top + ")");



        var plotWidth = width - margin.left - margin.right;


        var plotHeight =  svgHeight - margin.top - margin.bottom;

      2. Adjusting Width to 100% .

      3. CSS container adjusting Div tag to overflow scroll



      but none of these helped to resolve the issue , please advise on any suggestions to resolve this .