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    Missing Objects and Empty Container

    Anna Tsardoulias

      This is one that is stumping me and my boss. We have a Qlikview document that was created by a coworker no longer on our team. On one sheet of the document there is one container of 4 objects and another container with 3 objects. On my machine, the charts and graphs display perfectly. However, on our shared access point and on my boss' machine, the containers just say that they are empty.


      We both looked through the list of objects in the document properties on our respective machines, but none of charts missing on his machine are listed there, not even on my own machine. I can right click on each object and look at the properties without issue, but copying and pasting the object does nothing to put it in the list, nor make it visible on other machines.


      Is there any way for me to get these objects back in place where they should be? Any ideas why they aren't on the list? Am I going to need to recreate each object one piece at a time?


      I've attached two screenshots I've taken, in case they help. The first is what one of the charts should look like, and the second is what is displayed on the access point.


      Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thank you.