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    Nprinting 17 server connection to a qvw

    Kris Markee

      Could someone kindly supply a sample of what a server connection would look like to connect from NPrinting 17 to their qvw on a server? For example, see the attached; is this correct if the info is as follows:  the server machine name is "myqvserver" and the qvw I am trying to access sits in drive/folder q:\myqlikviewapps\UI and my qvw name is myUI.qvw.  Generating the cache is failing and I I'm not sure if it is this connection info or if I have another piece of the initial NPrinting install missing.  Thanks.np server connection.PNG

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          Lech Miszkiewicz



          do following:

          1. open QlikVIew desktop
          2. go File--> Open in the server
          3. navigate to the qvw you want to open
          4. opent it

          then once document is opened on top bar of your QlikView desktop window you will see connection you have to type in.


          see screenshot:



          type the same in connection string and off you go



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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            Hi Kris,


            It all depends how you want to use NPrinintg and how many reports you are building in it.


            I suggest to get QVP working, because once you build all reports on Local connection - as of now - there is no simple way to switch to QVP connection, so all reports will have to be rebuild from scratch.


            Also Local connection will be very resource consuming and therefore you may hit a lot of issues with NPrinting server running out of memory!


            Think this trough, get your network admin in the room, go through help documents looking at requirementsm ports, account priviliges, .Net versions etc..


            ..at the end it is your choice - whether you want to build on Local or QVP connection, but you will hit issues  with Local - that is guarantee