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    NPrinting server connection type

    Kris Markee

      How would one go about testing item 6 from the NPrinting help guide:  If you are using a server connection, be sure that the server is reachable from the engine machine.  Thanks.


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          Andy Weir

          For start off can you ping the server you are trying to reach from the engine server.


          Next check the ports required are open.


          Next can you login to both servers using the same account


          Somes ideas to help you get started.

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              Kris Markee

              Yes, to items involving ping and logging into each server, but for QlikView and NPrinting, I didn't think there was any extra port work needed.  I thought I had read that inbound and outbound port rules were necessary for QlikSense, but I haven't read anything regarding ports and QlikView.

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                  Daniel Jenkins

                  Hi Kris,


                  First of all upgrade to the latest version (currently NPrinting 17.3.1). I see you have referenced the 17.1 online help. There have been a LOT of improvements since the earlier versions including in how Connections work.


                  This is how I would troubleshoot this issue:


                  (a). Make a note of the service account used to run the NPrinting Engine service

                  (b). Make sure there is no version mismatch between QlikView Desktop & Server. In other words, ensure that you are using the same version (including SR) of QlikView Desktop on your engine machine as the QlikView Server version. Of course the version used must be supported: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.3/Content/DeployingQVNprinting/System-requirements_engine.htm?_ga=2.251232398.9…

                  (c). In the QlikView QMC:

                  i. Make sure that the mounted folder (if used) is Browsable

                  ii. Make sure Authorization is NTFS. DMS is not supported for NPrinting server connections at this time

                  (d). Do the following:

                  On the machine running the NPrinting Engine, browse to the QlikView folder

                  Shift+RMB on Qv.exe

                  Select Run as different user

                  Enter the service account credentials noted in (a) and make sure QlikView Desktop does not open as Personal Edition

                  Click File > Open in Server & open your QlikView document

                  Note the path & filename in the QlikView Desktop header and use that in the NPrinting Connection settings


                  Here is the relevant online help page: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.3/Content/GettingStarted/HowCreateConnections/Create-Connections.htm?_ga=2.1197…


                  HTH - Daniel.