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    Issue reloading Licence monitor and Operations Monitor after upgrade 3.2.4

    Paul Verkooijen

      After upgrading to 3.2.4 yesterday (upgraded 3 QS servers) all servers tasks running Licence or Operations monitor fail to load.

      All reloads fail with Error: QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Failed to connect to server when connecting to the qrs_* data connections.


      Before the upgrade (previous version on all 3 servers was 3.2.3) there were no issues.


      After some investigation on the QlikCommmunity an testing I've found this workaround. Change all qrs_* data connections from https://localhost to http:/localhost


      2017-05-12 09_33_56-Edit data connection - QMC.png


      After changing all reloads succeed.


      Anybody else having this issue after upgrading to 3.2.4? I't seems not to be a incident after having the same issues on 3 servers after upgrading.


      twa found this post Operations Monitor 3.0 fails to reload - can't connect to QRS with REST connector which gives some direction