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    QVW size limitations with NPrinting 17

    Kris Markee

      I've been reading here and there that people had issues connecting between large QlikView qvw's (I'm using QV 12) and NPrinting 17.  Is this true, and if so, what has the community been experiencing?  Thanks.

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          Andy Weir

          I've only been connecting to sense apps but the experience of people that have used 16 and 17 is that the performance is not as quick at the moment.


          I've been loading dedicated apps between 500k to 2mb in size for use with nprinting and I've been distributing to approx 50 users in around 5 mins.

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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            Hi Kris - I havent reach any limits yet - and i used NPrinitng for 5-6 years already. Version 17 for about 2 years ( i have tested it when it was called NPrinting Opera and was still Vizubi product). I was able to connect to apps as big as 500 MB and above.


            As a good practice however i always strip my QVW files to ABSOLUTE MINIMUM when used with NPrinting. this means:

            • I remove ALL unused fields/columns
            • I remove ALL unused variables and remove all variables which have to be precalculated after every click - like the ones which start with "=" sign!. Obviously if need some of them because there is no other option to get my app working then i keep them.
            • I remove ALL unused expressions (especialy those which need to be calculated even if the object is hidden or minimized, which are caption expressions, Conditional hide/show calculations.. label calculation if not necessary or unused)
            • I remove ALL unused Front-End objects
              • sheets
              • tables
              • charts
              • everything what is not used!!!!

            The reason i do this is because NPrinting is just an another user who will be using QlikVIew like other people do. This means it will apply selections and all calculations which QlikView has to do will have to be calculated on server, then will be cached etc..

            Smaller and faster QVW means your NPrinitng will navigate through QQlikView document faster.


            Also this means that when you generate connection you do not create rubbish metadata in NPrinitng repositopry but only used items are going there - that makes "generate metadata" prcess also much faster.


            It is very important to optimise also all expression and make sure datamodel is at its best in terms of performance.





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