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    Show all values in Pivot/Straight Table (irrespective of current selection)

    Shashank Vyas

      Hello all,


      I have an issue like a have a pivot table which represents data according to three months. Currecnt(whichever is selected), previous month, and previous to previous month.

      I have several hierarchy of dimensions. For these three months i have taken an inline field M,M-1,M-2 so accrdingly iahve taken if condition for every expresion.


      Now the issue is that the table is showing only those dimension rows which are associated with the month selected i.e. M.

      So if we dont have values for M for any expression then it will not show in the pivot chart only instead of that expressions has values for previous or previous to previous month.


      So, the sum of Rows is always lesser than expression total for M-1 & M-2.


      Please revert to me if any more info you need. Help me with this issue. Any lead will be appreciated.